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     I promise to be brief and to the point.  And that point is to talk about a fresh area of the market.  I don't know if any of you have ever experienced the final few weeks of a listing that just isn't going right.  Not only do you lose all the time and energy you put in with all the open houses and putting out and taking down signs, but you've also lost a good deal of money since you've already spent money on advertising and color flyers and any of your staff you've paid along the way.  And the biggest cost isn't the time or money; it's how not having this listing sell that could be a real blow to your reputation in the area, because we all know bad news spreads fast.

     Well, I'd like to offer you a solution so that you never have to experience a loss like that again.  How many of you have a stable of investors on tap that are qualified to buy as many good investment properties as you can get them, including listings you have that just aren't going to sell any other way?  While I can't speak for other investors, I'd like to share my thoughts and buying criteria so that you can see how you could work with one serious investor, and this will give you insights on how to develop a buyers list of qualified investors who can close on a listing fast.

     I guess I'd like you to think of me as your 'Plan B'.  Obviously we all know that if you can get a retail buyer to cash your seller out, that will be your first choice.  However, if for some reason beyond your control that's not possible, why should you let the listing expire?  As an investor, I can close quickly so that you get paid your full commission up front every time, no matter what.  In fact, since I buy properties with the seller participating in the financing in some way, many times I can pay close to the full asking price, which means a bigger commission check for you.

     So what are my buying criteria?  I'm looking for properties where the seller is willling to take a fair discount of at least 25% for a fast, no hassle, all cash closing;  Or for properties where the seller wants a higher price, but is willing to participate in the financing, I can pay almost full value.  I also prefer pretty homes in pretty neighborhoods, and don't really care for low income junkers.  I also specialize in helping sellers who are behind on payments, as long as foreclosure has not been filed.  Just a personal preference, as life is too short for banks and the legal games they play.

     So whether you have a listing that is at risk of expiring, or if you can find a listing out there that meets my criteria, let me know.  Referral fees are also paid, so don't pass on a house just because the seller might be over-financed and has no way to pay your commission.  If you come across a deal where you taking the listing just doesn't make sense, I can get you a thousand bucks.  Not bad for just a phone call.  On the flip side, I come across sellers every week that don't fit my criteria, so I can pass them along to you.  It's a win-win across the board.  Just something to think about when you're out there making it happen.  Thanks for visiting my site.

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