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why rent when you can own?

get into a home of your own now and worry about financing later


     Stop throwing away money for which you work so hard to earn.  Leasing to own is a great way to take a home for a 'test drive' before actually committing to purchase.  It is also a smart way to better prepare yourself for homeownership.  Many folks need time to repair credit, save for a down payment, or just want to wait and get a better deal from a lender in the future.  Whatever your reasons are, we can work with you. 

     When these homes become available, they are usually offered on a 'first come, first serve' basis.  Qualifying is easy, and money down is required.  I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to own their own home no matter what their past credit history says about them.  Bankruptcy?  Good.  That just means that I'm the only one you have to write a check to.  We're all human, and everyone has setbacks.  There is not a problem in the world that cannot be fixed.  I just look for people who absolutely love the home and have a little cash to work with.  Then it is up to them to decide if they can afford the home or not.  Forget bank qualifying 'standards'.  I only have two. 

1.  You must not have been evicted by a previous landlord in the past three (3) years.


2. you must not  be  behind  on court-ordered child support.  

If you're still with me at this point, then're qualified.  Start now on the path to home-ownership. 


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